Everything you need to bring AI Vision to the enterprise


    Faster than a human eye, Chooch AI Vision Studio offers an end-to-end computer vision experience. By managing data annotation, model training, testing, and deployment, Chooch AI Vision Studio removes cost barriers and frees your engineers to scale AI initiatives across your organization.
    Because Chooch AI Vision Studio can be deployed at the edge, in the cloud, or self- hosted, Chooch gives your team complete control of the model deployment pipeline within your environment. Whether you train & test models in Chooch or upload your own, start seeing insights from the field today.


    Detect. Understand. Instantly Act. 

     Chooch AI Vision: 

    •       Instantly detects critical anomalies in video images   
    •       Comprehends their significance
    •       Launches instant responses and insights over time 

     All in a fraction of the time it takes the human eye to notice an issue. 

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