The ROI of AI is clear


    As business leaders investigate the transformative Return on Investment or ROI of computer vision, they are finding evidence that this technology can improve virtually every industry it touches. This explains the rapid growth of the computer vision market, which held an estimated value of $15.9 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $51.3 billion by 2026.

    It may explain why nearly all respondents in a recent IDG/Insight survey believe that computer vision will boost revenue while saving time and money—and this could also be why 37% of those respondents plan to implement the technology to improve their operations in the near future.

    Whether the ROI goals of an organization relate to defect detection, operational efficiency, preventative maintenance, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, security, better healthcare outcomes, or safety—this white paper shows how computer vision is empowering firms across all industries to achieve never-before-possible outcomes.

    ROI WP

    Detect. Understand. Instantly Act. 

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    •       Comprehends their significance
    •       Launches instant responses and insights over time 

     All in a fraction of the time it takes the human eye to notice an issue. 

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